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New Elstor heat storage system for district heating production

The installation work for the Elstor system, which is being delivered to Lappeenrannan lämpövoima Oy, is already in good progress. The Elstor system is being installed in connection with the Selkäharju district heating plant. The storage capacity provides additional flexibility to the district heating network and enables a reduction in the use of fossil fuels for heat production. Abandoning fossil fuels reduces dependence on imported fuels.

“The thermal battery replaces natural gas and is estimated to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by over 300 tCO2e,” says Miika Alatalo, an expert from the city of Lappeenranta.

“Thanks to Elstor’s storage capacity, heat can be generated when there is excess electricity supply and discharged precisely when the district heating network requires it. This helps to stabilize the operation of the electricity grid. Elstor’s device enables the expansion of the Selkäharju district heating network with a new modern and cost-effective production facility”, says Jarkko Kovanen CEO of Lappeenrannan Lämpövoima Oy.

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