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This is how we make your process fossil-free

Our skilled professionals assist and support the customer from the beginning stages of the process all the way to implementation.

Elstor energy storage container in 3D model picture

Step 1: Gathering basic information and conducting profitability calculations.

We simulate the profitability of a system tailored to your consumption. The more precise data we have, including heat and electricity consumption, previous production method costs, and technical details, the more accurate the assessment we can provide.


Step 2: Applying for possible subsidies and making the decision to acquire the equipment.

It is possible to receive investment support for renewable energy or energy efficiency investments. During this application process, our experts assist you as needed. The decision to acquire the equipment is a crucial step in initiating the process itself.

Elstor energy storage. Man carrying piece of a pipe.

Step 3: Planning the project and obtaining the necessary permits for the structure.

The detailed planning of the project can begin as soon as the official decision on the acquisition of the system is obtained. Our equipment often requires a building permit and possibly a separate electrical connection.

Crane lifting Elstor container

Step 4: Construction of the device and commissioning

Once the paperwork is completed, the construction of the system can begin. The components are transported to the site as modular pieces, and the entirety is assembled on-site during construction.

Elstor energy storage container

Step 5: Emission-free heat and steam

You get to enjoy clean, zero-emission heat and steam at a lower cost than polluting fossil steam

Frequently asked questions

Our technology is versatile and suitable for various processes.

With Elstor’s 15 MWh unit, it is possible to efficiently cover an annual heat demand of up to 6000 MWh. Technically, the device is capable of even higher consumption, but the benefits of optimization decrease as the consumption becomes excessive.

The payback period is calculated by comparing Elstor’s operating costs to the current heat production method, and therefore, the estimate varies depending on the specific case. Electricity and previous fuel prices vary by location.

The carbon footprint of the device’s manufacturing has been determined, and it is offset within approximately 6 months of the device’s use.

Start by contacting us. The process begins with gathering basic information and by doing profitability calculations for the system tailored to your facility.

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