Oy Roberts Ab is adopting the emission-free Elstor steam production solution.

Finnish food company Oy Roberts Ab is implementing a solution developed by Elstor Oy, a company based in Lappeenranta, in…

Finnish food company Oy Roberts Ab is implementing a solution developed by Elstor Oy, a company based in Lappeenranta, in its production process. This solution enables steam production without carbon dioxide and particulate emissions.

Oy Roberts Ab is investing to reduce its environmental impact and is moving away from using fossil fuels in steam production. The solution allows for emission-free, cost-effective, and carbon-neutral steam production. “This investment is both necessary and inspiring for the future,” says Mikko Roberts, CEO of Oy Roberts Ab.

The innovative solution efficiently stores electricity as thermal energy.

Various industries in the industrial sector require steam, which is typically produced using fossil fuels because there hasn’t been a cost-effective alternative available on the market until now. The emphasis on sustainability and emissions has increased interest in Elstor Oy’s solution.

In Elstor Oy’s developed solution, fossil fuels are replaced with emission-free electricity. The electrical energy is stored in a thermal storage unit, from which it is released as steam into the production process at desired times and in desired quantities. The automatic charging of the thermal battery occurs during the lowest electricity price hours of the day, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Since the Elstor solution does not involve combustion, it does not release CO2 or particulate emissions.

Additionally, the CO2 emissions generated during the manufacturing of the Elstor system have been offset by using the solution for six months. “We are pleased that Oy Roberts Ab is among the first food companies to adopt our emission-free steam solution,” says Kari Suninen, CEO of Elstor.

Roberts’ investment project received support from Business Finland for improving energy efficiency and investing in new technology.

June 27, 2023, at 13:00

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Additional company information:

Oy Roberts Ab

Roberts is a Finnish family company with a history of over a hundred years in the food industry. We offer innovative Berrie-products made from whole berries, which are healthy, tasty, and easy to use, as well as high-quality jams, marmalades, and fillings for bakery and horeca professionals, as well as Finnish retail and exports, catering to quality-conscious consumers. We export our products to several countries and have won numerous international innovation awards. All of the aforementioned products are manufactured at our own factory in Turku. Our quality system has been awarded the BRC certification.

Elstor Oy

Elstor, located in Lappeenranta, aims to make steam and heat production carbon-free in a sustainable manner. Elstor’s patented solution brings cost savings by eliminating CO2 emissions. One Elstor basic unit with a capacity of 5MWh saves approximately 480 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

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